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Having an adequate chimney for your fireplace plays a significant role in the success of a good burning fire. A chimney has two primary purposes – first, to carry the smoke, out of the house, and second, to provide the draft that feeds air to the fire to keep it burning. We have been building safe and beautiful chimneys of all shapes and sizes and designs for many years, so feel free to ask for our portfolio of past work and see how endless that possibilities are! 

We are specialist in Brick, Stone, Stucco, and Metal Chimneys for all Repairs and Restorations. We offer affordable prices on residential and commercial properties. For over 15 years we have been providing professional and affordable residential and commercial  service to New Jersey Area. We take fast action towards a Chimney Leak Repair services which include Flashing Repair,  Flashing Replacement,  Cap Installation,  Crown Repair, Crack Repair, and more.  Call us now at (201)757-8606 to schedule a Free Estimate and for Emergency Chimney Repair NJ service.

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